Minnie Mouse Clubhouse Cake

Minnie Mouse Clubhouse CakeApparently, my Baby Mickey Cake and my small Minnie Mouse Cake are of my most popular posts every day.  I made this cake a few months ago, but never got around to posting it until now.

Mickey's Fondant Clubhouse

Even though I know how popular Mickey Mouse is with little kids, I’m always surprised at how popular those cakes are.  My 2 1/2 year old son loves watching Mickey Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so when I was making this cake for Libby, he kept asking to have it.  I was so excited when he knew what the theme of the cake was.  He even recognized the clubhouse!

Fondant GearsEven though this cake was for a little girl, I love the color scheme.  I am usually asked to make pink and purple cakes for girls; it was nice to make something more bold yet delicate.  The gears were made of fondant.  I cut out circles, then used a small round piping tip to cut out the centers.  Then I cut 8 notches out using a baby bottle cookie cutter.  I used the tip of the nipple because it is more of a U shape, but you can probably use a small circle or piping tip to cut out notches.

Minnie Mouse Cake TopperMy favorite part of the cake is the topper.  I baked some cake in a small glass bowl to get the perfect rounded shape.  I cut the ears out of fondant and allowed them to dry.  Then I attached them to lollipop sticks using black royal icing and inserted them into the topper.  I used black royal icing to attach the ears to the cake for added support.  The fondant bow was also made in advance.  I attached the dry fondant bow to the ears and in the center and added the center of the bow once the bow was dry.  The lettering was cut out of red fondant.  I think the lettering really puts this cake over the top.  I used my airbrush to spray the topper with pearl shimmer to give it just a bit more girlishness.

Minnie Mouse Birthday CakeLibby loved her birthday cake! Happy 2nd Birthday!


12 thoughts on “Minnie Mouse Clubhouse Cake

  1. How did you copy the Disney lettering? Was it by hand or was it a pattern? Also, how are the stars attached to the cake – is that wire? Gathering ideas for my daughter’s 2nd! 🙂

    1. I printed the lettering from fontspace.com. I think it’s called walter. Then I cut the letters out and used that as a template to cut out the red fondant lettering. The stars are cut out of fondant and stuck with floral wire to dry. Good luck!

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