Baby Mickey First Birthday Cake

Baby Mickey First Birthday Cake

Mickey Mouse is an extremely popular character for birthday cakes.  I have done my fair share of Mickey and Minnie cakes in the past few years.  This one, however, was fresh and exciting!  This cake was based on the party’s decorations and tableware:

Baby Mickey Tableware

These matching plates, cups, and napkins are so super cute for a first birthday party!  I love the pastel colors that are still manly but baby soft.

Disney Style Font

One of my favorite parts of this cake is the birthday boys name written out in the Disney style font.  I have been dying to put this font on a cake for so long and I finally got the chance!  I found this font on  The font I used on this cake is called Walter, but I love this website because there are tons of fun and free fonts to choose from.

Baby Mickey Cake

I also loved the cute Mickey cutouts that are popping out all over the cake.  They give the cake so much life!  The way the number one matches the bottom tier with the stripes is also a real genius moment.  I had so much fun making this cake; Happy First Birthday Xander!

19 thoughts on “Baby Mickey First Birthday Cake

  1. I think your work is an inspiration. Could you tell me what are the metal sticks that are holding the Mickey cutouts popping out all over the cake?

  2. Hi..the cake is so cute!
    Just wondering, for how many serving was the buttom cake?
    And also the top?

    1. I believe that the bottom tier is 9 inch and the top tier is 6 inch. I like to say that the cake feeds around 40.

  3. How much would a cake like this cost? I’m thinking of something like it for my son’s 1st b’day…Thank you.

  4. How did u get the mickeys to stay up I have tried everything

    1. you have to let them harden. you need to cut 2 mickeys out, put rose wire inbetween the two and stick them together, then let them set

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