Nurse Cake

Nurse Cake | Lil Miss CakesThis cake has become pretty popular since I made it, yet I have not gotten around to posting it here until now. Better late than never though! I wish I had shared it here earlier because now I cna’t remember exactly how I constructed it. I definitely made a paper template to carve the cake because I still have it, but I don’t exactly remember which size cakes I baked. Oops sorry!

Fondant Stethscope | Lil Miss Cakes

I covered the whole cake in this pretty light green fondant. I think I used mint green and a touch of sky blue gel color to create this color. I love making these edible fondant stethoscopes. I’ve made a few doctor cakes (you can see them here and here) and I always include them. I start with gray fondant for the metal parts. Then after shaping and placing on the cake I paint them with silver luster dust to give them some sparkle.  The black parts are just black fondant that I buy pre-colored. I also added a little name tag that I cut out of fondant. I piped the lettering on with some black royal icing.

Fondant Pockets | Lil Miss Cakes

At the bottom of the cake I added two pockets. To make the pockets I cut a rectangle out of the same green fondant. Then I folded part of the rectangle down and used a quilting tool to add some stitching detail. I added that same detail on the sleeves. I couldn’t leave the pockets empty so I made a scissor pop out of one side and a blister pack or medication on the other.  The scissors are just two “P” shaped thin logs of fondant. The medication was also simple to make. I rolled out a thin piece of gray fondant and cut it into a rectangle, slightly rounding the corners.. Then I used the same quilting tool and detailed around the edge. I also made two straight lines down and a few across to create a grid. Then I cut the pills out of red fondant using the end of a straight piping tip. I glued them on with a little sugar glue. That’s pretty much it-simple yet fun!