Doctor’s Lab Coat Cake

Doctor Lab Coat Cake | Lil Miss Cakes

This is actually my second lab coat cake I’ve made. The first one was a last minute order and I made it in one day.  It came out great, but with a little bit of planning,  was able to make one I loved even more!

Doctor Coat Cake | Lil Miss Cakes

In this version I made a striped neck tie and left off the buttons.  I also added scissors to the top pocket instead of a prescription pad.  I made the collar a few days in advance so it would keep a nice standing shape.

Fondant Necktie | Lil Miss Cakes

Here is a better look at the neck tie. I used my linguini pasta cutter attachment for my kitchen-aid to make the stripes.  The tie itself was just a long strip of fondant that got folded under on each side.  The “knot” was just another strip of fondant folded over the top of the tie.  I made the bottom skinnier than the top to form a triangle shape.  The only difficult part was remembering to place the stripes on the “knot” at another angle than the rest of the tie.

Fondant Pocket With Stitching | Lil Miss Cakes

Here you can see all the stitching detail I added around the collar and the pocket.  I used a roller stitching tool that was originally designed as a sewing tool!

Doctors Lab Coat Sheet Cake | Lil Miss Cakes

This was a 30th birthday cake so I added a number 30 to the bottom of the pocket.  Happy birthday Jonathan!

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  1. You’re incredible!!! All I can do is look at ur creations in amazement… And then make my simple chocolate cakes and brownies. 😉
    Love all the effort u put into the details, makes it look so realistic!!!

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