Lab Coat Cake

Lab Coat Cake

Here is a cute cake I made for a doctor’s birthday.  I like how realistic the cake looks even though it’s made from a rectangle shaped cake.  The buttons are made using a silicone mold.  The stethoscope was sculpted by hand.  The tie was easier to make than tying a real tie.  I used an old men’s dress shirt collar as a template and dried it around a small bucket so it would have that nice 3D standing collar effect.

Lab Coat Birthday Cake

I wrote a little prescription for Michael to have a happy birthday and stuffed it into the pocket.  Hope he enjoyed his birthday cake!
Check out version 2.0!

  • Whitney @ Jewhungry

    Another beautiful creation! You are so talented. How long do these usually take to make?

  • Sarah Klinkowitz

    Very life-like! Excellent!

  • sarah

    can you do a tutorial for this 🙂

    • LilMissCakes

      I would love to make a tutorial for this cake, just need to find the time!

  • mary

    is it possible to ship a cake like this?

    • LilMissCakes

      I don’t currently ship cakes-I don’t trust that they would make it through the mail!