Upsherin Birthday Cake

Upsherin Cake

Some families have the custom of waiting to cut a little boy’s hair until he is 3 years old. When my nephew turned 3, we celebrated his birthday with a party and a hair cutting ceremony.  He needed the perfect cake for the celebration!  I love this new look of making a shorter bottom tier, then a super tall center tier, and a small top tier.  I have been doing it a lot lately, and I’m not sick of it yet!

Fondant Tzitzit

On the bottom tier I draped some fondant tzitzit, traditional garb for a boy starting at 3 years old.  To make the strings I used my clay extruder and some white fondant.  It’s definitely one of my favorite non cake tools!

Fish Scale Pattern

For the center tier I used a fish scale pattern cutter and placed these fondant cutouts in a randomized pattern.  Then I added a pair of gum paste hair scissors.  One of the kids at the party thought they were real!  That was a huge compliment.

Fondant Candles and Yarmulke

The cake was topped off with a fondant yarmulke and 3 fondant candles.  Happy 3rd Birthday Aryeh!

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    1. I cut out a circle and draped over an upside down bowl. I probably used a lot or cornstarch so it didn’t stick. But you could also use a styrofoam ball to shape it.

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