Simple Batman Cake

Simple Batman Cake

Sometimes simple cakes are harder than more detailed designs.  This cake was really fun to design.  It was made for a small celebration, so the family didn’t want anything too big. Just because the cake needed to be small; this is a 6″ round cake that measures 6″ tall as well; doesn’t mean it needs to be boring!  I covered the cake and the cake board in gray fondant.  I had to do a good job of covering the cake since there were not many decorations to cover mistakes!  I really wanted to wrap the cake in a NYC skyline so I designed a really cool fondant cutter for my husband to print for me.  We ran into all sorts of problems, it would have been quicker for me to cut it by hand, but we were determined to get it right! After applying the black skyline, it looked a little flat and dark, so I added some yellow squares for windows.  I also added some silver stars in the sky.

Fondant Batman Symbol

I made the cake topper a few days in advance to allow it to dry and harden.  I hand cut the batman symbol out of black fondant and attached it to a thin yellow piece of gum paste. Once it was dry, I attached it to a lollipop stick using stiff royal icing and placed it into the cake.  I added another tapered piece of yellow gum paste down the top and side of the cake to make it look like it was shining into the sky.  Happy 3rd Birthday Alex!

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