Alice In Wonderland Cake

Topsy Turvy Alice in Wonderland Cake

I love getting requests for theme cakes I have never done.  When I first started making cakes many years ago, topsy turvy cakes were all the rage.  They were so trendy that I started hating them.  Now they are requested, but a lot less often.  I haven’t actually made one in so long that I don’t even have a post about it!  I’m not even sure I have a photo! When I got an order for an Alice in Wonderland cake, you better believe this was going to be a topsy turvy cake.  Abby’s sister asked for a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake for her 2nd birthday, and a Frozen cake for her 3rd.  I love that the two sisters have such different interests and personalities!

Checkered Cake Board

I started making this cake by decorating the cake board.  I cut squares of black and white fondant and glued them to a cake board in a checkered pattern.  I love how the black and white graphic makes the whole cake pop out of the cake board.

Fondant Cheshire Cat

The Cheshire Cat was a really important part of the cake.  I cut all the pieces out of fondant and pieced them together.  I used a black food coloring marker to add the outlines and black details.  Once I added the face to the cake, something was missing, so I added some paws and immediately, the cat was done!

Harlequin Pattern Cake

For the top tier I used a mint green fondant and then lightened it up to create the harlequin pattern.  I cut all the diamonds by hand and placed them one by one on the cake. Then I attached heart shaped candies to all the corners. Edible Fondant Tea Cup

No Alice in Wonderland cake would be complete without a tea cup!  I took one of my own tea cups and shaped a piece of fondant inside.  I let it dry for a few days so it would hold the shape.  I formed the handle, base, and saucer separately and assembled after each piece was dry.  I painted the tea cup details with gold luster dust mixed with vodka and a fine paintbrush.  Since Abby is celebrating her 2nd birthday, I put a number 2 on a playing card with hearts, reminiscent of the Queen of Hearts.  The cake was still missing some whimsy so I added these ribbon roses and hearts on swirled cloth covered wire.  Happy Birthday Abby!  Hope it was wonderful!

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