Frozen Birthday Cake

Frozen Birthday Cake

I have to admit that when I was asked to make this cake a few months ago, I hadn’t yet seen the movie.  I had obviously heard of it, but with a 3 year old son, there was no rush to see Disney’s Frozen.  After some careful research, I realized that the animation in this movie was amazing and replicating the characters would be extremely time consuming and difficult.  I decided to cut my losses and wanted to buy some plastic cake toppers.  But with the popularity of the movie, every Anna and Elsa cake topper was sold out or back-ordered.  I was getting nervous.  After scouring the internet for way too much time, I came across another Frozen cake made using toy figurines that came in a fancy book.  I quickly placed my order for the book, and decided I would figure out how to attach the toys to the cake once they showed up.

Olaf, Anna, and Elsa

The toys were easier to attach than I had thought.  I used tons of royal icing to attach the cute figurines to the top of the cake.  The book even came with two frozen trees!

Frozen Cake Mountain Backdrop

Here you can see the mountains I made out of gum paste as a scene backdrop.  I made a few different free form mountains in white and allowed them to dry.  While they were drying out I airbrushed some in different shades of blue.  Then i attached them to lollipop sticks and placed them towards the back of the cake.

Frozen Collage

I stamped snowflakes into the white fondant that covered the cake board.  The lettering was cut out of gum paste and airbrushed to match the Frozen logo.  Cut out snowflakes and the number 3 finished the cake.  Happy 3rd Birthday Libby!

Here is another Frozen cake I’ve done-it’s a very different look!

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  1. While I didn’t enjoy the movie (it was playing on a DVD at my son’s surgeon’s office) I adore this cake!

    1. The book is called Disney’s Frozen “My Busy Book”. I recently saw it at Costco, but it’s also available on Amazon. Disney also sells figurines on their website, they seem a bit bigger and nicer.

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