30th Birthday Collage Cake

30th Birthday Collage Cake

I didn’t really know what to title this cake!  It’s a custom cake (just like all my cakes), but it is tailored specifically for Jess!

Pregnant Mommy Cake Topper

The top of the cake features a nurses hat, because the birthday girl is a nurse!  It also features the birthday girl, Jess, who was expecting her second baby.  I love making little edible figures, I can see myself getting better with every one I make!  Here’s a graduation girl I made.  And here is the 2013 Scripps National Spelling Bee winner! I’ve come a long way since this boating dad, surprise engagement cake, and ultimate fighting engaged couple!

Mini Baseball Cap Cake

I was asked to include Boston into the cake, I think that is where Jess is from.  So I made this mini Boston Red Sox baseball cap cake to tie in that theme.  It came out so tiny and cute!

Edible Charm Necklace

Jess and her husband met at NYU so I included the school logo.  I hand painted a purple piece of gum paste using white gel color.  I was also asked to include her son Henry somewhere on the cake, so I made this edible gold necklace featuring Henry’s name.  The last detail I included was an edible bag from Jess’s favorite store, Henri Bendel.  The bag was made out of gum paste and fondant.  The label was hand painted.  Happy 30th Birthday Jess!

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  1. It is great how you incorporated all the events of Jess’ life in one cake. Well done!

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