A Surprise for Friends

When two of my friends got engaged I was excited and happy for them.  They are such a cute couple and they love my son Charlie!  Then the brides  mom asked me to make them a surprise cake for the engagement party.  She gave me complete creative control, she just wanted me to incorporate the bride and grooms occupations: physical therapy and firefighter.  Here is the cake I came up with:

 Purple and Teal Engagement Cake

The color scheme of the party was purple and teal so I made edible sugar flowers to match. I wanted to glitz the cake up a bit so I painted the centers of the flowers in shiny silver and added decorative silver dots.  Sitting atop the cake are the bride and groom.  The bride is holding her goniometer, a tool used by physical therapists to measure range of movement. The groom is wearing a firefighters hat.  When I surprised them with the cake, they were so shocked and excited!  Here is the happy couple, Adina and Yosh, with their cake.

Adina and Yosh

Adina’s mom wanted to save the top tier of the cake for them to enjoy at a later date.  She wrapped it up and stored it in the freezer.  Everyone at the party enjoyed the bottom tier; there wasn’t a piece left!  Here’s a picture of the groom and my son, Charlie.  They are buddies.

Charlie and Yosh

Mazel tov Adina and Yosh!

3 thoughts on “A Surprise for Friends

  1. Hey Melissa:

    We defrosted the top of the cake and served it as sheva brachot last weekend. It was delicious! The cake had survived the loss of power following last month’s snowstorm. It looked and tasted as wonderful as it had on the morning of the engagement party.


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