Stacked Book Graduation Cake

Stacked Book CakeThis graduation cake was a lot of fun to make.  It was made for one of my favorite customers to celebrate her graduation from her occupational therapy program at Columbia University.  I made her and her fiance, now husband, this engagement cake.  I loved the cake at the time but I am definitely getting better at my gum paste figure modeling.  I am really proud of my improvements; I have come a long way!

Gum Paste Graduation LadyHere is a closer look at the graduation girl modeled out gum paste.  I even styled her hair the same way she wore it at her graduation!  It’s hard to see here but her shoes have little red soles.  Cute.

Stacked Books for DummiesIt was really hard to photograph this cake because it has so many sides!  Here is a good view of the the top cake.  Dani, the graduate, thought it would be funny to have a “for dummies” book included on the cake.  I agree and I think it looks pretty good.

Book Cake SpinesThe bottom book had all hand painted details on the spine.  This was my first stacked book cake and I really love how it came together!  Congratulations on your graduation Dani!

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