Purple Cake Pops!

assorted purple cake popsHow cute are these!  I love cake pops.  These were made for a dessert party with a purple, white and silver color scheme.

rows of purple cake pops

Each cake pop is the perfect bite of cake and frosting served on a lollipop stick.  The pops on the left and center were dipped in chocolate coating and allowed to dry before they were decorated with royal icing.  The pops on the right were sprinkled with silver crystal sugar immediately after being dipped.

sparkly purple cake pops

These were inspired by a design in Wilton’s Cake Pops Book.  They were dipped in chocolate coating and left to dry in a piece of styrofoam.  Once they were dry, I rolled out some white fondant and cut it into strips.  The fondant strips were attached using some royal icing.  The fondant was then brushed with clear piping gel and dipped into crystal sugar.