Hydrangea Cake

hydrangea cake

This cake was made for a birthday celebration.  I was asked to make it a few days before the party so I was told I can do whatever I want.  That’s my favorite request!  I always have design ideas that I want to try.  I have been itching to make an edible brooch to dress up a gum paste bow.

edible cake brooch

I love how it worked out!  To make it, I used a flower cutter to cut the shape out of the blue gum paste.  Then, using royal icing, I attached edible pearls on each petal.  I used a button mold to create the center button shape.  Using silver luster dust mixed with vodka, I painted the button and let it dry to the touch.  I attached the button with more royal icing.

cake stencilI applied royal icing using a cake stencil to create this design on the bottom tier.  This is only my second time using a cake stencil.  I’m getting better at it but it is a tough technique!

gum paste hydrangeaI cut out hundreds of little gum paste flowers for this cake.  I gave them some shape using a ball tool.  Then each flower was dusted with shimmery green petal dust.  To achieve the rounded top of the cake I cut a styrofoam ball in half and covered it with fondant.  Then I attached each flower with royal icing.  I think this is my favorite cake yet!