Pink Leopard Print Cake

Pink Leopard Print Cake

This was my last cake of 2012!  It was delivered on New Years Eve to be served to a special birthday girl on New Years Day.  What a fabulous way for Alex to celebrate her 21st birthday!

Hand Painted Leopard Print

This cake was a little bit tough for me, I have to admit.  I wasn’t given a specific direction, the guidelines were, pink and black, and leopard print.  I think I did a fine job, but I was agonizing over the perfect design!  When I finally decided what I wanted the cake to look like, I had to figure out how to apply the leopard print.  I found a great tutorial on one of my favorite cookie blogs.  Callye from the Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle has step by step instructions on how to create leopard print cookies.  I used her guidelines to paint the leopard print onto the cake.  I used black gel color and a paintbrush to paint the outlines.  Then I filled in the shapes with brown gel color.  Then I painted on some bronze airbrush color to give the spots some life.  I’m proud of my first leopard print cake!

Black Fondant Bow with Ribbon Rose Center

A girly cake would not be complete without a pretty bow.  I made this bow out of black fondant.  To dress it up a bit I made a flattened ribbon rose for the center.  The bow center matches the black ribbon roses that adorn the top of the cake.

Black Ribbon Roses

Here is a better view of the black ribbon roses.  Peeking out of the black roses is the number 21.  The whole cake was airbrushed in pearl shimmer color to give it some glitz and glam.  I love shimmer color!  Happy 21st Birthday Alex!

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  • http://Overtimecook.Com Miriam

    Wow! This cake is so dramatic. And beautiful!

    I don’t think I celebrated my 21st birthday in a dramatic enough fashion. 😉

    • Melissa

      We might need to celebrate it again!

  • Couldn’t be Parve

    I love the spots! What a wonderful cake.

  • Aldana

    I would love to know how to make ribbon roses… mine never turn out right.
    Care to share instructions? 😉

  • Melinda (Kitchen Tested)

    Loving those bows!!! So unique and I love the shimmer.

  • Ronnie Fein

    Your cakes are so gorgeous and I have a big birthday later this year. I’ll be in touch.

    • Melissa

      Ooh Ronnie, I would love to make you a cake!!

  • jessica (the kosher foodies)

    that cake is so cute!

  • AdriBarr

    What positively gorgeous work! You are an artist. This is my first visit o your site, and I know I will return. Congratulations on some FAB creations!

    • Melissa

      Thanks! Please come again!

  • Yosef – This American Bite

    Very artistic. You have such a talent.

  • Sarah Klinkowitz

    I am loving the roses at the dramatic and beautiful! Do you deliver to Brooklyn?!

    • Melissa

      Thank you so much! I deliver to Brooklyn all the time!

  • Dani

    Ok. I think this may be too much for me, but then again, I’m a guy, and I’m not a cake guy.

  • Jamie Geller

    you should be proud! you are awesome! I can’t believe with all you’ve done that this is your first leopard print cake? pretty!!!!!!

  • Alessandra (DinnerinVenice)

    This is beyond gorgeous. I love your posts!

  • Chanie@BusyInBrooklyn

    I LOVE leopard anything! This is gorgeous!

  • Tamar Genger @joyofkosher

    Wow, as usual, I love the black color it really makes it dramatic.