Mustache and Lips Cookie Straws

Mustache and Lip Cookie Straw Gift Package | Lil Miss Cakes

There is a fun Jewish holiday that falls around February or March each year. During the holiday of Purim it is customary to give cute packages of food to family and friends. It becomes a bit of a challenge to come up with creative ideas each year. I like to keep my packages small which in itself is a challenge. The past few years I have been pretty proud of my creativity! I made these cute popcorn cupcakes, fun ice cream scoop cookies, and gumball machine cupcakes that take a bit more planning. This year I made some cute mustache and lip sugar cookie straws to go with a cookies and milk concept.

Mustache and Lip Sugar Cookies | Lil Miss Cakes

Here is what I did. I baked my perfect sugar cookies and used mustache and lips cookie cutters to cut out cute shapes. After the cookies were baked, I iced them with white royal icing. Then for the lips, I mixed up some hot pink icing and using a small piping tip, I made some tiny dots to form the lips shape. Then I connected those lines to create a scribble scrabble look. While the icing was still wet, I dipped them in pink sparking sugar and let them dry. The mustaches were a similar concept. I used black royal icing and outlined the mustaches. Then I filled each side in with 2 lines of icing and dipped them in black sparkling sugar. Once the icing was dry I flipped the cookies over and attached them to these fun paper straws I found at the craft store. I piped a big dab of stiff royal icing on the center back of each cookie and pressed a straw into the icing. I wanted to be able to use the straws with the cookies attached so I attached them a few inches down the straw but if you wanted these for photo booth props, you could just as easily attach them to the highest point of the straw. Once the cookies were dry I placed them in these fun milk jars I found at the craft store and filled them with white chocolate candies. To gift these, I placed them in large cellophane gift bags and tied them up with metallic silver twist ties. Easy and cute!

Cookie Collage | Lil Miss Cakes

My son and I had fun modeling these cookies, but he couldn’t wait to bite into one!