Popcorn Cupcakes

Popcorn Cupcakes

I keep seeing these cupcakes all over Pinterest.  If you don’t know what Pinterest is, you are missing out!  It’s my favorite new obsession; I don’t know how I ever lived without it. Pinterest is a virtual pinboard; a place to keep all your great internet finds indexed and accessible.  There is no need to bookmark a crafty project or print out every recipe you want to try.  Just pin it to your personalized boards and voila!  It’s right there for you when you need it.  I can spend hours browsing other pinners pins, it’s really addictive.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  As I was saying, I have seen these popcorn cupcakes all over Pinterest and I obviously had to pin the idea.  I knew that I would make them at some point in the near future and then Purim came around.  What a perfect opportunity to try these cupcakes!

Marshmallow "Popcorn"

The “popcorn” is actually made from mini marshmallows that I snipped to give them the fluffy air popped look.  The “popcorn” looked good but it was missing something: the butter!  So I pulled out my trusty airbrush and hit them with a shot of yellow and gold food coloring.  My husband actually thought it was real popcorn and told me I was weird for putting it on a cupcake.  Now I wasn’t really going to make these cupcakes until I found the perfect containers at Michael’s Art’s and Craft’s Store.

Popcorn Cupcake Bags

Once I saw these cardboard bags I knew I could fill them with the cutest popcorn cupcakes.  Two regular sized cupcakes stacked on top of one another fit perfectly.  Then the whole bag fit nicely inside tall clear bags I always have on hand.

Popcorn Cupcake Packages

My cute little packages weren’t complete until they had sugar cookie movie ticket tags.

Motorcycle Charlie

Here is Charlie in his cool biker dude costume.  He is a lot bigger than last year, but just as cute!  Happy Purim!