Textured Safari Birthday Cake

Textured Safari Birthday Cake

This cake was based on safari cake I made 2 years ago!  I love coming up with new ways to create similar cakes, I hate making the same cake twice.  Since then, I got a new camera and I think my photos have gotten much better!  My cake skills have also gotten better, my fondant work looks so much more polished.  To give the cake more interest, I used silicone texture mats to give the bottom tier an alligator skin look.  The polka dots on the top tier got a classic leather look.  To keep the cake fun and childlike, I added some fondant stars and fondant ribbon curls all over the cake.  The colors are really non-traditional and I love that about this first birthday cake.

Safari Celebration Cake

The cutest touch about this cake is the fondant swirled candle that tops off the birthday cake.  There is something so festive about it.  Happy first birthday William!

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