Safari First Birthday Cake

Safari CakeThis cake was made to celebrate Aiden’s first birthday!  He is the cutest little boy and deserves the cutest little cake.  This cake was inspired by a cake made by the Pink Cake Box.  Their cakes are fabulous and always inspire me.  All the little animals were molded by hand out of fondant.

birthday elephant molded out of fondant

This little elephant is so cute.  I love his floppy ears.

Fondant Monkey

This is the mommy monkey.  She came out cute, but not as cute as the baby monkey…

Fondant Birthday Monkey

Look how cute he is in his tiny party hat!! Love him.  All this little guys came out great, but here is my favorite one:

Fondant Lion

This lion is so cute!  I love the colors, they are so bright and match the cake so nicely.  Can you believe this is my first ever fondant lion?  Me either.

First Birthday Safari Cake

Happy First Birthday Aiden!