Sports Themed Cake

Sports Cake

Okay, first of all, I can’t believe it has been a year since I made Harry his Pirate Birthday Cake.  These days, I guess I measure my time in cake.  This years sports themed cake was really fun to make!  Lately, I am obsessed with cake toppers. Since they didn’t request any specific sports teams to be represented, I was a little unsure what I was going to create.  I thought, maybe I would make a baseball hat, but then I would have to choose colors, and that would get complicated.  Then the idea hit me, and I created a gum paste trophy!

Gum Paste Trophy

I colored my gum paste a bright shade of yellow and used a tutorial to create this fun topper.  I handmade all of  the pieces a few days in advance and allowed them to dry.  I made sure to poke a hole in the center of each piece so I could use a skewer to keep the whole thing standing for delivery.  My greatest fear is creating an amazing cake only to have it collapse during travel.  So I always make sure to construct my cakes with lots of support.  When it was time to assemble, I glued all the pieces together using sugar glue and royal icing (for the handles) and then airbrushed the trophy in shiny gold.Sky and Hand Painted Clouds

I covered the top tier in sky blue fondant and hand painted fluffy white clouds using white gel food coloring.  My white gel color is very thin to begin with so I didn’t need to thin it out with vodka or lemon extract.

Football Field Cake Tier

The bottom tier was covered in a really pretty shade of green and made to look like a football field.  I love the grass on this cake, it’s one of my favorite features to add to cakes.  The grass was  rolled out of two different shades of green fondant using a textured rolling pin and then hand cut.  I only glued the bottom of the strips of grass and bent the tops of the blades out and down to create movement.

Star Cake Board

I covered the cake board in white fondant and then used different sized star cutters to create this fun look.  I really love that extra touch on this cake!  Happy Birthday Harry!