Teacher Retirement Cake

Teacher Retirement CakeI thought this would be a fun cake to share around back to school season.  This cake was made for a special teacher to celebrate her retirement.  Her husband wanted to surprise her with a great cake, so he called me and gave me freedom to design whatever I wanted.  At first I was going to design a pretty cake with flowers and sparkle, but I quickly changed my mind.  It had to be a cake celebrating her great career!

Fondant Apple and Chalkboard Cake BoardI covered the cake board in a thin layer of black royal icing.  Once it was dry, I painted “Congrats Judy” with white gel food color to look like a chalk board.  I included a piece of fondant chalk nearby.  The apple is made from rice crispy treats covered in red fondant.

Marble Notebook CakeI love making book cakes now, it’s my new obsession!  My first book cake was made for a graduation, and I couldn’t wait to make another one.  I made the bottom tier a simple green to compliment the apple.  I called that one “lesson plan”.  The top tier is meant to look like a marble notebook.  I used a clean and new kitchen sponge dipped in black gel food coloring to dab on the marbled design.  I really like how it turned out!

school supply cakeA school themed cake would not be complete without a ruler, number 2 pencil, rubber eraser, and wide ruled paper.  I gave Judy an A+, congratulations on your retirement!

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  1. Hi there, lovely cake, if you do not mind, please can you tell me how you made the notepads stand on the cake. Thanks

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