Ballerina Bat Mitzvah Cake

Ballerina Bat Mitzvah CakeAll I can say about this cake is wow!  This is one of my tallest cakes to date and I am really proud of it!  When the caterer saw it, he even asked if it was a Cake Boss cake…what an amazing compliment!  This cake was made for Courtney, an aspiring ballerina.  She works really hard at ballet and loves it so much!  Her whole party had a ballerina theme so she wanted to keep the cake elegant and classy.  To still keep it young, we decided on a light and hot pink color scheme.

Pink Fondant Ruffle Tutu

I have made a similar cake in the past using this ruffle technique and loved the results so I knew I had to use it again, in a grander scheme.  I rolled hot pink fondant out thin and cut out three 12 inch circles.  I placed the first circle on an empty upside down 10 inch cake pan dusted with a lot of cornstarch (so it wouldn’t stick).  Then I propped cotton balls dusted with a healthy amount of cornstarch under the fondant around the edge to prop it up.  I attached a second circle of fondant and repeated with the cotton balls.  I attached the third circle on top and repeated tucking the cotton balls inside.  I placed an empty 8 inch round cake pan down in the center to flatten out a spot for the tall 8 inch tier.  Then I allowed the ruffles to dry out for a few days.  Once the ruffles were pretty firm I was able to place the whole tutu on top of the 10 inch base cake.  The center of the tutu was still somewhat soft so I was able to insert support dowels straight through the ruffles and down into the cake.  I dusted off all the excess cornstarch with a dry pastry brush and then airbrushed the tutu with pearl shimmer color.

Fondant Corset Tier The corset was a new design for me.  I carved a 5 inch tall cake thinner in the center to form a sort of a waist.  I covered the cake in pale pink fondant and added the hot pink lacing.  The tier needed something more.  So I rolled out a long strip of pale pink fondant and embossed it with a silicone flower mat that I have had for years and had never used.  I finally found a use for it and I’m so glad I kept it in my closet all this time!  I wrapped the embossed fondant around the cake attaching it with water.  It gave the tier the perfect finishing touch, texture and pattern without too much fuss.

Quilted Tier with Torah Scroll TopperThe top tier was kept simple with a quilted pattern and was topped off with a gum paste Torah Scroll.  Pink bows with ribbon rose centers finish off the cake with the perfect amount of girlishness.  Happy Bat Mitzvah Courtney!

8 thoughts on “Ballerina Bat Mitzvah Cake

  1. WOW! This is seriously stunning. I am so impressed by all the little details. Thanks for giving us some fondant tips 🙂

  2. Unbelievable! This cake is definitely worth a medal or an award or something!

  3. This doesn’t look like a Cake Boss cake. This looks BETTER than a Cake Boss cake. Great works!

  4. Stunning! I cant say anything else. My 5 year old says its ‘Precious’ and she wants one for her 6th birthday!

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