Pink Princess Ruffle Cake

Pink Princess Ruffle Cake

I was asked to make Sophia a 3rd birthday cake.  I made this hugely popular Harry Potter inspired cake for her brother so I knew I could not disappoint.  The guidelines I was given were make it pink and girly with a princess theme and a ballerina tutu element.

Princess Ruffle Cake

For the princess element, I cut out a tiara out of fondant and propped it up around a coffee mug until it was dry.  I cut a large star out of fondant and inserted a lollipop stick inside.  Once the tiara and wand were dry, I airbrushed them with silver airbrush color, but I’m sure you could use luster dust mixed with alcohol if you don’t have an airbrush.

Ombre Ballerina Tutu Ruffles

For the ballerina tutu element I decided to make two smaller tiers with a ombre ruffles separating the two.  I have never made these ruffles before but ever since I saw Marina Sousa make an amazing ruffle cake, I’ve wanted to try it!  I used three different shades of pink fondant.  I rolled each color out thinly, then cut a 10 inch round out of each.  To get the ruffle effect I propped cotton balls that I dusted with lots and lots of confectioners sugar into different areas.  I can’t wait to try this again!  Happy Birthday Sophia.

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  1. You took the guidelines given and created such a beautiful & elegant cake! Completely not the typical little girl ballerina cake – it’s stunning!! Thanks so much for sharing your techniques as well, I doubt I’d ever be able to create anything like this, but it’s so interesting to see how it all comes about!

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