Harry Potter Inspired Cake

I was contacted to make a cake inspired by Harry Potter.  A little boy named Max was turning 8 years old and is a huge Harry Potter fan.  Here is the cake his mom ordered from me to celebrate his birthday:

Harry Potter Birthday CakeThe cake was carved in the shape of an open book.  I wanted it to look like a really old spell book that Harry would use to study from.

Harry Potter FontIt was important for me to get the lettering just right.  It took longer than expected to cut each letter out of black fondant but the results are just perfect.  I think that the lettering really makes the cake.

Harry Potter's WandI shaped Harry’s wand out of fondant and left it to dry for a few days.  Once it hardened, I painted it a dark brown to look realistic.  I even made sure the wand measured 11 inches; the actual size of Harry’s wand in the books and movies.

Harry Potter Inspired CakeHarry’s eyeglasses are another important element that needed to be a part of this cake.  They were made out of black fondant.  I used 2 sizes of circle cookie cutters to shape the glasses.  I let each piece dry  completely before attaching to the cake.  Harry’s scarf was the last element I added to the cake.  It gives the cake some color and a little more dimension. Happy 8th Birthday Max!

9 thoughts on “Harry Potter Inspired Cake

  1. I was wondering whether it would be possible for you to post the actual recipe… I’m still a beginner and I’D LOVE to learn! I’m a huge Harry Potter fan and I love this. You’re so talented! Well done!

  2. Hi Melissa.. your cake is awesome! Being a huge Potter fan myself, I absolutely adore how you made Max’s cake.. and paid attention to details too. Such talent! 🙂

  3. Hi i just saw this, it is amazing 😐
    i was wondering whether you had a tutorial on this as i would love to make it 😐
    it’s my birthday in october, so i would love to do this. also do you actually make and sell cakes as this one?

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