Tiffany Blue Inspired Cookies

I was asked to make elegant cookies for an engagement cookies.  I chose to use white and “Tiffany Blue” to achieve that elegance.

Tiffany Blue Heart Cookies

The “Tiffany Blue” color is a trademark of Tiffany and Co.  I wish I could just buy this color in food coloring because it’s so gorgeous.  The formula is a well guarded secret, but I think I got pretty close.

Tiffany Blue Wedding Cake Cookies

I used the same colors to decorate these wedding cake cookies.  Both styles were first flooded with royal icing and allowed to dry overnight.  Once dry, they were iced with a thin coat of royal icing using a stencil.

Tiffany Blue Stencil Cookies

This stencil makes the cookies look so antique.  These cookies are a lot of work but are so pretty once they are done!  They are well worth the effort!

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