Ruffle Roses Cake

Ruffle Roses Cake | Lil Miss Cakes

How pretty is this cake?! I was given basic guidelines for this cake-make it girly, pink and white. I’ve been dreaming of trying my hand at ruffle roses and this was my chance! I kept the top tier simple with an over-sized bow because the bottom tier was so busy and full of gorgeous texture.

Ruffle Roses | Lil Miss Cakes

Here is a closer look at the ruffle roses. I cut thin strips of hot pink fondant and ruffled one edge with a ball tool. Then I glued the strips to the cake in a circle pattern starting from the outside in. After the round roses were all attached to the cake I filled in the gaps with extra ruffles. This technique definitely took some time to do but it was well worth the effort. This cake is girly and elegant.

Striped Gum Paste Bow | Lil Miss Cakes

The bow on top was made from gum paste, not fondant, because it rolls thinner and dries harder and faster. The pink stripes are fondant, the same color I used for the ruffle roses. The bow was made a few days in advance so they would dry nicely. The ends of the bow were made when I was ready to attach the center bow to the cake so that I could drape them perfectly into place. The simple pearl border finishes this cake beautifully!