Pink and Gold Feather Cake

Pink and Gold Feather Cake  Lil Miss Cakes

I am  never out of ideas when it comes to pretty cakes. This cake was made for a Great Gatsby/art deco themed wedding party. I was asked to add feathers and pearls as well as make it pink, ivory, and gold. This cake turned out even prettier than I had in mind!

Pink and Gold Pearls and Ruffles  Lil Miss Cakes

Here is a better look at the bottom tier. I used a fish scale cutter to make the imprint in the fondant. I pressed the cutter in all the way around the cake. Then I used a ball tool to make the pattern deeper and more pronounced. I draped fondant pearls around the cake and painted them with an ivory shimmer color. Around the base of the cake I made ruffles out of circles of fondant. Once those were dry, I painted the edges with gold shimmer color.

Gold Fondant Feathers  Lil Miss Cakes

The feathers are my favorite part of this cake. I used my feather cutters (purchase them here) to cut out gum paste in different sizes. Then I used a toothpick or something thin and sharp to etch lines in the gum paste. I allowed the feathers to dry on a piece of crumpled tin foil to give the feathers movement. Once the feathers were dry, I airbrushed them in gold. The hardest part was arranging them on the cake without breaking them. It’s good that I always make extras because I dropped and broke a few while figuring out the placement. I love how elegant this cake turned out and I would love to make it again!

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    1. The ruffle are a bit time consuming but worth the effort. I cut out small fondant circles and then gently folded them in half and then quarters and then set them aside to firm up a bit. Then I attached each one with royal icing. Then I painted the edges in gold.

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