Pickup Truck Cake

Pickup Truck Cake | Lil Miss Cakes

I am finally over my fear of car cakes!  I have made a few in the past, but each one gets better and better.  This one got me nervous because the truck needed to be driving up a pile of dirt.  I usually decorate cakes as I go along, I don’t often do a lot of planning, but car cakes need to be planned out.  I designed a template for the shape of the truck and used that to carve out the whole cake.  I have carved cakes by eye in the past and they never come out realistic enough.  They looked cute, but not to scale.

Pickup Truck Cake | Lil Miss Cakes

This cake was made for the boss of a company so the license plate read “Boss” which I love. I made the whole truck and then built a styrofoam ramp to prop the cake up.  I added the wheels once the truck was propped up on the ramp.

Pickup Truck Cake Side View | Lil Miss Cakes

The wheels were always the toughest part, so a few years ago I invested in a silicone mold set of wheels to have on hand.  I’m so happy that I did!  The wheels look round, detailed and were easy to make!  I made the wheels out of black fondant and then added a circle of white fondant to the center and then painted that silver.  The car handles and bumpers were also painted silver.  The only thing that could have made this cake better would be working lights!  Maybe next time.

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