Jack In The Box Birthday Cake

Jack In The Box Birthday Cake | Lil Miss Cakes

Happy first birthday Jack!  For Jack’s first birthday, his party theme was “Jack In The Box”-so cute!  I was tasked with making the cake.  I had a few parameters, it needed to be square and it needed to be colorful.  I wanted to keep the cake elegant but still appropriate for a kids party.  I think I achieved that goal!  I kept the cake simple, clean, cheerful and fun.

Fondant Cake Bunting | Lil Miss Cakes

I covered the cake board with tons of colored wedges of fondant and let that dry overnight. I rolled out different colors of fondant and used different textured mats to create some interest on the triangle bunting pieces.  After adding the texture I cut out lots of triangles.  I used a clay extruder to create the twisted rope and attached it to the cake with some sugar glue.  I used a shell border fondant mold to make the borders all around the cake.  I think it gives the cake a really authentic, childlike, old fashioned cake look.

Fondant Jack In The Box | Lil Miss Cakes

I added some texture to the “number one” before cutting it out of blue fondant.  The Jack In The Box was really fun to design.  I just made him up as I went, trying to keep him cute and playful.  I made his collar from 2 blue fondant star shapes.  I used a clay extruder to make the hair, but I twisted each piece before attaching it to his head.  Happy first birthday Jack!