Amazon Box Birthday Cake

Amazon Box Cake Side View | Lil Miss Cakes

I had this cake sitting in the archives for quite some time now. I’m a bit behind on posting my cakes, but now is the perfect time to share this one! Since Amazon Prime Day was such a bust, I thought this cake could cheer everyone up. This cake was made for a mom and grandma and was filled with items that are personal to her. I basically got a list of things and figured out a way to turn them into a cute birthday cake. The Amazon shipping box is my favorite part so let me start with that. I baked a square cake and made sure it was nice and tall. After applying the buttercream, I paneled the brown fondant to the cake. What this means is I cut out a rectangle that was measured to fit each side and attached it to each side of the cake. The I cut a square for the top. This method takes more time than covering the whole cake in one shot, but the edges are just so perfectly sharp and squared that it’s my favorite way to finish a square cake. After adding the brown fondant, I used my airbrush filled with dark brown fondant to darken the edges. Then I had cut the Amazon logo out of thin black fondant.

Amazon Cake | Lil Miss Cakes

The water bottle was made out of gum paste. I took an actual water bottle and shaped the gum paste around it. I used a real label to bring the bottle to life. That is the only part of the cake that isn’t edible-it was a bit of a cheat, but I didn’t think that hand painting would do it justice and I don’t have a working edible food printer. The Ebates card was made of gum paste. I cut the logo from black and yellow fondant. It took some time but really looks fantastic.

Barneys Shopping Bag | Lil Miss Cakes

The Barneys shopping bag was made out of fondant with added tylose powder to help harden it quicker. I cut two rectangles and allowed them to dry. I made two skinny curved panels to fill in the sides and then assembled all the panels on top of the cake. I rolled out thin white gum paste and cut random rectangles to look like tissue paper. I piped the logo on with royal icing. The handle was just made out of black fondant that I twisted a bit. The mask was made out of white gum paste and then airbrushed gold. I used black royal icing to decorate the mask.

Barnard Mug | Lil Miss Cakes

The coffee mug was made out of white gum paste. I cut a long rectangle and then shaped it around an empty glass. I shaped a handle out of gum paste as well and allowed both pieces to harden and dry. After a few days, I attached the handle with royal icing. Then I airbrushed the whole thing in blue and piped the logo on with royal icing.

Amazon Cake Top View | Lil Miss Cakes

Here is a top view of the cake with a cute edible Ipad. The Ipad reads “Happy Birthday Mommy, We Love You And Your Mishugas” (Yiddish for craziness). Love this cake and it’s sharp edges!