Unicorn Birthday Cake

Unicorn Rainbow Birthday Cake

This first birthday cake was made to celebrate a little girl named Stella.  Her mom called the whole party a “Stellabration” which I thought was super cute!  The cake was decorated with different shades of pink.  The pop of color came from the rainbow and unicorn cake topper.

Rainbow Unicorn Cake Topper

I made the rainbow in advance to give it time to dry.  Each color rope was formed using my clay extruder so I could get them looking uniform.  The rainbow was glued together with sugar glue and allowed to dry flat for a few days.  Then I attached paper lollipop sticks to each side using royal icing and propped the rainbow up on the cake.  The unicorn was made out of gum paste and was shaped by hand.  My favorite part is the rainbow mane!

Rainbow Unicorn Stars Birthday Cake

Happy First Birthday Stella!

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  1. Love how you incorporated the rainbow on the unicorn. My girls would love this cake!

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