Tiffany Blue and White Quilted Cake

Tiffany Blue Quilted Birthday Cake

Here is a pretty, simple, and elegant birthday cake I made for a birthday.  Shira’s mother in law ordered the cake to celebrate her birthday.  She wanted it elegant but didn’t want it to look too much like a wedding cake.  We agreed that making the cake in this Tiffany blue color would be the perfect idea.  I quilted the tiers and added edible pearls for extra glam.

Gum Paste Fantasy Flowers

I had a kind of flower in mind to add to this cake.  I really wanted to add cabbage roses like the ones seen in this purple ruffle cake.  So I made them and allowed them to dry.  Then Shira’s mother in law called and decided she really loved these fantasy flowers that I had made for this black and white engagement cake.  So I started over and made these instead.  I really like how they look on this cake, and they are fun to make!  I just use different sized scalloped round cutters to form the bottom layers.  Then I used any flower cutters I could find to fill in the center.  I added a few edible pearls that I colored blue to match the cake.  Simple and gorgeous!  Happy birthday Shira!

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