Steak and Vodka Birthday Cake

Steak and Vodka Cake


This was a really fun cake to make.  It was made to celebrate a 30th birthday.  Dean loves his steak and Grey Goose vodka so I made them for him, but all out of cake!

Vodka Bottle Made of Cake

The vodka bottle was a challenge, but I’m not one to turn down a challenge!  It was really tall so I applied the fondant in two pieces.  I wrapped one piece around the entire bottle.  Then I used a second piece to cover the cap of the bottle.  Once the cake was covered in fondant, I hand pained all the details onto the bottle.  I personalized the label to say “distilled and bottled for Dean”.  I thought it was a cute touch!

Steak Cake

The steak was another fun challenge.  The inside of the cake is red velvet, so I’m sure it looked really cool when it was cut open!  I wanted it to be able to feed the whole party so I made it look like a really thick cut steak.  I wrapped a marbleized piece of fondant all the way around the steak and added extra pieces of white fondant to give the cake an even more realistic look.  It’s hard to tell, but I brushed the whole steak with a corn syrup and water mixture to give the steak some extra shine.  The steak was completed with a little tag to celebrate Deans 30th Birthday.

8 thoughts on “Steak and Vodka Birthday Cake

  1. Not only did you capture my vision for Dean’s 30th birthday to absolute perfection, but the cake was so good the whole thing was completely eaten!! Can’t wait to order my next cake from you!

    1. Aww, thanks Dani! I always love your creativity. It pushes me to get better and better!

  2. I love how realistic you make your cakes! And the fact they are ‘personalized’ adds a sweet touch!

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