Planes, Trains, and Automobiles Cake

Planes Trains and Automobiles Cake

I am in so much love with this cake.  It is so simple yet super cute!  This cake was really easy to make since I was able to prep all the cars, trains and airplane topper in advance.  I really wanted to print some cutters for all the shapes, but it didn’t work out in time.  Instead I drew templates for each design, cut them out of paper, and traced them out of thinly rolled fondant.  I like adding a little tylose powder to my fondant decorations to help them harden really nicely.Fondant train cut outs

Here is a closer look at the choo-choo train that I cut out of fondant.  I let the pieces dry in advance so that they are popping out of the cake just a touch.  It gives the cake a bit of a 3D look which adds interest.  I used different sized piping tips to create all the round circles of the wheels and the steam.  I use both sides of the round piping tips, this gives me so much variety!Cute Fondant Cars

I love these little cars so I made them drive all the way around the cake.  I need to make a cutter for these since I know I will want to make them again! Airplane Fondant Cake Topper

The plane scene on the top of the cake really brings the cake to life!  It’s only a single tier cake but it has amazing presentation because the airplane, clouds, and birthday banner are just filling up the empty space on top.  I attached the plane to one lollipop stick and the banner to a second stick.  I arranged them so they look like they are attached to each other, but keeping them separate was safer for transport.  I added hand cut clouds to the bottoms of the sticks to hide the sticks as well as make the plane appear to be flying over the clouds. Happy 1st Birthday Benji!

Update: This cake has been so popular! See my second version here. The second version includes all the cutter information so you can make your own! Here is the two tier version with more cutter information for you.

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  1. OMG this is so cute! The bumpers around my son’s crib were just like this. YOU ARE SO TALENTED- IT’S CRAZY!!

    1. That’s the beauty of fondant/gum paste, it’s very light when rolled thinly. It doesn’t take much support!

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