Custom Cake for a Bubby {Grandmother}

Bubby's Favorite Things

This cake was made for a special grandmother/bubby on a special milestone birthday.  I was given a few things that she enjoyed including knitting, reading, drinking coffee, and her 9 grandchildren.  The color scheme was gold, and blue/green.  This is the cake I came up with!  I love making book cakes, I don’t know why, I just think they are so cute and the perfect shape for a cake.  The two books were the basic foundation for the cake.

Edible Coffee Mug

I made an edible coffee mug out of rice crispy treats covered in fondant.  The handle is also made of fondant and attached with royal icing.  I used toothpicks for added support.  The mug is filled with brown piping gel to look like coffee and finished with swirls of white paper covered floral wire to look like steam.

Knitting CakeHere is a good view of the balls of yarn.  They were made by extruding fondant ropes out of my clay extruder and wrapping them around a giant ball of rice crispy treats.  The blue ball of yarn was made from blue fondant.  The gold ball of yarn was made of white fondant and then airbrushed with gold color spray.  The knitting needles were made of wooden skewers topped with balls of fondant and then airbrushed in gold to match the rest of the cake.

Silhouette Necklace Collage

To include the 9 grandchildren elegantly, I used custom cookie cutters to cut out silhouettes of 6 girls and 3 boys, painted them gold, and had them hang off the cake on a gold fondant chain.  I think the necklace is my favorite part of this cake.  Happy Birthday Bubby!

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  1. I also love the necklace, and how creative to make the cup from rice crispy treat??

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