Wedding Cake Cookies {on stands}

Wedding Cake Cookies on StandsYay!  Our very own Ali-Babka got married!  Allison is a good friend, foodie, chef, and blogger that I met her through the food world and I’m so glad I did!  To celebrate her wedding to her husband Matan, some blog buddies and I decided to throw her a virtual party and I’m bringing a wedding cake; disguised as a cookie!  Whenever I am given the freedom to do whatever I want, I always try an idea that I have been dying to try.  Here was my chance to make wedding cake cookies on cake stands that I have been seeing all over the place.  Even though I have over 200 cookie cutters, I don’t have a tiered cake cutter on a cake stand.  Have no fear, The Bearfoot Baker has a great tutorial on achieving this effect using cookie cutters you already have.  I have combined cookie shapes before to create the “Emily” cookie and the “2012” cookie in this graduation cookie set for my sister, so I  knew I could do it!  For these cake cookies I actually used a wedding cake cookie cutter combined with the bottom of a menorah cookie cutter.  I cut the shapes out of my sugar cookie dough and piece my shape together.  Once the cookies are baked, the separate pieces fuse together and then the icing really keeps the shape secure.

Lots of Wedding Cake Cookies on StandsI made the royal icing swirl roses in advance and once they were dry, I was able to apply them to the cookies.  I followed the tutorial I found on The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle to make them.  With a little practice and a lot of patience, they come out great!  Now, if you have followed my blog for a while you will notice that I use a lot of this Tiffany inspired blue color in my cookie and cake decorating.  I just love it!  It is so elegant but not too girly; perfect for an engagement or wedding celebration!  Mazel Tov on your big day!  Let’s celebrate with wedding cake…er…cookies…wedding cake cookies! Check out what my talented friends brought to the party, below!

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  1. I’m a little jealous I didn’t have these at my wedding. I always love seeing what you come up with. Beautiful.

  2. I realized I never told you how amazing these cookies look!! I wish I had them at my wedding!! 🙂 Thank you so much!

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