Tropical Monkey Cake

Tropical Monkey Cake

This was a fun and cute cake I made for Emma Jade to celebrate her 2nd birthday.  The colors are so cute and unexpected for a little girl, but that is exactly why I love them.  This is not your typical pink birthday cake.

Girly Gum Paste Monkey

The little monkey with a flower in her hair is my favorite part.  She is just so cute!  The little fondant bananas are really cute too.  I shaped them out of yellow fondant and added little black markings with an edible food color marker.  To add a little extra cuteness I brushed the bananas with glittery green petal dust.  The flowers were made using gum paste.  I used a flower cutter to cut the shapes but then added some texture with a gum paste tool.  I shaped them whimsically by hand and let them dry before attaching them to the cake.  I love the fantasy look they give the cake!

Funky Lettering

I used my funky letter cutters to spell out the birthday girls name.  Happy Birthday Emma Jade!

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  1. It’s hard to say what’s best about this adorable cake but I really love how the banana and monkey came out!!!

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