Toy Drum Birthday Cake

Toy Drum Birthday Cake

To celebrate Maxwell’s first birthday, his parents wanted to present him with an awesome cake at his party.  His favorite toy is actually a musical, light up set of bongos.  So his parents thought it would be cool if I replicated them out of cake!

Fondant Cake Bongos

The bongos were really fun to make!  The toy actually leans like that, so instead of stacking the cakes straight, I stacked each layer slightly off center to get the right look. One drum is slightly larger than the other so I baked one cake 6 inch round and the other in a 5 inch round.

Musical Happy Birthday Message

I had this great idea for the bottom tier to look like sheet music, but I wasn’t sure if it would work.  I used my clay extruder to create the black fondant ropes and attached them playfully around the cake using clear piping gel.  Then I attached black fondant lettering to the ropes using black royal icing.  To add a little sparkle, I dusted the letters in glittery luster dust.

Fondant Musical Notes

Here is the back of the cake, I really like how the musical notes look around the bottom tier!  Happy 1st Birthday Maxwell!

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