Sprinkle Cookie Pops

Sprinkle Cookie PopsHere is a quick and easy dessert that anyone can pull off.  These cookie pops can be made in a pinch and can be customized to match any party decor!  I made these for a farewell party my family was having.  My husbands grandparent are moving to Israel and I wanted to make a cute and easy dessert that the kids and adults would enjoy.  I found a Jewish themed sprinkle assortment at Sur La Table and knew it would be perfect for the occasion. The Israeli flag is blue and white, so I wanted to incorporate those colors.  The flag also has a star of David in the center, so the little star sprinkles were the cutest little touch!  Here’s how I made these impressive cookies.  I used my favorite sugar cookie dough that I had leftover from these cute cookie pops.  You can also use store bought sugar cookie dough, but my recipe is so easy to whip up; it usually doesn’t even need to chill before working with it!  I scooped out my cookie dough using a small cookie scoop, rolled it in sprinkles and popped a paper lollipop stick most of the way in.  Then I placed the pop on a parchment lined cookie sheet, flattened the cookie out a but with my hand, and baked at 350 degrees F for about 8 minutes.  Once the cookies were cool, they are ready to enjoy!  I wrapped mine in little clear treat bags so they doubled as little party favors.  This would even be a great activity for kids!  I  bet they would have fun mixing up sprinkle shapes and colors and then eating their own creations!


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  1. these are fun and unlike your other unreal gorgeous creations I feel like I can actually recreate these 🙂

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