Princess Tiara Cake

Princess Tiara Cake

There is no cake I love making more than a girly princess cake!  This cake was made to celebrate Brie’s 21st birthday.  The bottom tier is a classic quilt pattern that is studded with edible sugar pearls, 100 pearls to be exact!

Silver Gumpaste Tiara

Here is a close up of the tiara.  I made the tiara out of gumpaste because it hardens much more than fondant making it less fragile.  I rolled out some white fondant, cut out the tiara shape and wrapped it around a can that I had placed on it’s side.  While the gumpaste was drying, I decorated it with more gumpaste.  Once the tiara was left to dry for a few days, I was able to airbrush it silver.  The tiara says “Princess Me” which is a nickname that the birthday girl is called by her mom.  I thought that was really cute!

Princess Tiara Cake Side View

Here is a fun side view of the cake.  I placed “Brie” on the band of the bow.  I obviously had to add a shimmery pearl border to each tier.

21st Birthday Cake

Here is another fun shot of the other side of the bow.  Here is where I added the number “21” in a fun and funky font.

Satin Gumpaste Bow

This is my favorite part of this cake, the satin gumpaste bow!  I made each loop separately out of white gumpaste and allowed them to dry overnight.  Then I attached them to the cake using stiff royal icing.  Finally I finished the bow off with a loop of gumpaste in the center.  I airbrushed the bow (and the whole cake) with pearl shimmer color.  It gave the bow the look of satin and I love it!  Happy 21st birthday Brie!

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