Notepad Birthday Cake

Notepad Cake

This cake is a little more personal than some of my other cakes.  It was made to celebrate a special birthday for a special mom.  This mom is very organized and is always sitting at her kitchen table, eating her Chobani greek yogurt with her favorite spoon, and writing lists on her favorite pad with her favorite pen. Her kids thought it would be perfect to capture that in cake.

Gumpaste Chobani Yogurt Container

This was my favorite part of the cake.  I made an edible Chobani yogurt container.  I used an empty container to shape the gumpaste into the right shape.  I used a separate piece of gumpaste for the lid, allowed it to dry on a curve and then attached it to the container.  I hand painted the logo onto the container.

Fondant Pen


Here is a closeup of her favorite pen.  I modeled it out of black fondant.

Notes on Notepad

Here is a better look of the actual list.  I used food coloring markers to make the blue and red lines of the notepad paper.  Then I used a black food coloring marker to write out the actual list.  The actual list was given to me by the daughter, she wanted me to write it out exactly like this.  Happy Birthday!

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  1. I absolutely love this. I need to come up with an excuse of why I need an awesome, creative cake.

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