Lego Birthday Cake

Lego CakeThis cake was really hard for me to photograph because of its odd shape and my lack of a real photo studio; but I still wanted to share it with you because it is so darn cute!  Making the cake was a challenge because each color was actually a separate cake.  I wrapped each Lego cake in a different bold color fondant and then cut a rectangle shape for the top.  Then I arranged the cakes to get this cute shape; it made me feel like I was actually playing with Lego!  After the cakes were arranged, I cut all the circles out of fondant and arranged them to look like the real thing.  Even the cake board was made of edible Lego!  I used a Lego type font for the birthday boy’s name and age.  His mom loved the cake and I’m sure he did too!

Fondant Lego Birthday CakeHappy First Birthday Dion!

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