Tool Cookies {Happy Father’s Day}

Tool Cookie Collection

About 5 years ago I saw these cute cookie cutters in the shape of tools.  This was around the time that my cookie cutter obsession began.  I bought them and convinced myself that I would make the cookies for my father for Father’s Day.  That still hasn’t happened.

Saw Cookies

I actually made these cookies a few months ago.  I made them for a special 60th birthday party.  My parents decided to host a birthday party at their house for a close family friend and I decided it would be really cute to make these cookies for him.

Hammer Cookies

Larry, the birthday boy, is very handy and enjoys fixing things himself.  He and my dad are always discussing tools and going on outings to Home Depot together.

Wrench Cookies

I made these cookies a few months ago, when I started getting better at icing sugar cookies.  I had only successfully made simple shapes like hearts and stars and decided I was finally ready to try something a little more difficult. Screwdriver Cookies

I wanted these cookies to have some texture without having to pipe on more detail later but after making them I realized they look a little bit like cucumbers.  Oops!

Pliers Cookies

When I made these I was still working on getting my icing recipe and texture down so you can see some lumps and bumps.  Overall though, I really like how these came out!  They weren’t cute enough as is, so I decided to package them as little party favors.

Tool Cookie Party Favors

Larry loved having these at his surprise party, but any dad would be happy getting these for Father’s Day.  Maybe my dad will get these next year…Happy Father’s Day!

10 thoughts on “Tool Cookies {Happy Father’s Day}

  1. I have to know, how many kinds of cookie cutters do you have? So cute, but both my dad and my husband don’t know what to do with tools, it would actually be quite funny to make these for either of them.

  2. These are adorable! I also have a cookie cutter obsession – I’ve given in a few times but have yet to use them, so I can relate! You did such a beautiful job!

  3. These are inedible, I’m almost tempted to go home and do some repairing 🙂

    The attention to detail amazes me, I bet they’re delicious as well.

  4. BOY COOKIES! My sons (6 and almost 3) would go bananas for these! They love to play “fixer-man” and these cookies would be right up their alley!

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