Super Why! Birthday Cake

There is a really cute television show on PBS called Super Why!  The show title ends in an exclamation point which is weird and makes me seem like I am really excited every time I write it.  The show is super cute, it takes children on reading adventures one episode at a time.  Here is the cake I came up with for Dovi’s 2nd birthday party.

Super Why! Cake

The cake was airbrushed from light green fading to blue.  The grass was hand cut and embossed using a silicone leaf mold press.  I really love the clouds, they are my favorite part.  It really makes Wyatt’s cape look like it’s blowing in the wind.  Wyatt is the main character on the show.  He has the power to read.  He changes the story to save the day.

Wyatt from Super Why!

Here he is up close.  Each color is cut out of fondant and pieced together like a puzzle.  I learned this trick from Cakes With L.O.V.E.  They have some great tutorials on their facebook page.  I surrounded Wyatt with the shows signature question marks so he could save the day.

Happy 2nd Birthday Super Dovi!

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