Super Bowl Cookies

It’s Super Bowl Sunday and the excitement is in the air!  New Yorkers take the super bowl very seriously, especially when the New York Giants grace the field.  I needed to do my part and so I made these Giants cookies (sorry Patriot fans, I’m a New Yawker).

Giants Logo Cookies

Lucky for me, the Giants logo is fairly simple to replicate.  When making these cookies I decided that I needed a projector.  That way I could ice each cookie and then pipe the logo directly on each cookie.  But projectors are so big, I really have to hold myself back.  My apartment is being taken over by my baking obsession.

NY Giants Logo Cookies

To make these cookies I printed out the logo to the perfect size on regular printer paper. Then I placed the printout under a piece of parchment paper and piped the design onto the parchment.  I started with the red outline and came back with the blue to fill it in.  I let the letters dry for a few hours, until they released from the parchment.  Working one cookie at a time, I piped white icing on and then carefully placed the logo on top.  Then I gently pressed down on the lettering to make sure it was in place.  Then I allowed the cookies to dry overnight before handling them.

Football Cookies

These cookies can work for Giants fans or Patriots fans.  It’s a classic American Football. Super simple in design, all it took was a nice rich chocolate brown royal icing to make the football shape.  I let that dry for about 20 minutes before detailing the football with pure white icing.  Laces out!

Lots of Football Cookies

I made lots of footballs, I wonder how many actual footballs they use during the superbowl. The third cookie I made is my favorite.  I was so happy when I found this cookie cutter in my box of 100 cookie cutters by Wilton.

Giants Football Helmet Cookies

These football helmet cookies turned out super cute.  I piped the logo onto parchment paper and let it dry for a few hours so that I could just pop it onto the blue icing as soon as it was applied.  I was nervous to pipe the logo directly onto the helmets, I didn’t trust myself to do a good job.

Football Helmet Cookies

I love how these cookies look all lined up.  I think I made enough helmets for the whole team!  They were so cute that I just kept making more and more.  Here is the whole collection:

Superbowl CookiesGo Blue!