Patriotic Bow Cookies {Happy Independence Day}

Patriotic Bow Cookies

Happy Independence Day!  I wanted to come up with something fun and original to celebrate July 4th.  Last year I saw a lot of American Flag cakes floating around the internet, but couldn’t wait to make one.  I tried it out for President’s day and it was so patriotic!  Then I needed a new idea and these bow cookies were the result!

Red, white, and blue bow cookies

Okay, I have a confession.  This was not my original July 4th idea.  I had a few others in mind that I just didn’t have time for.  I originally planned to use these cookies for a baby girl cookie collection I had an order for, but decided not to include them.  Since I had the blank cookies waiting to be decorated I decided to make them patriotic.

American Flag Bow Cookies

These cookies are a fun twist on the American Flag.  I love how the red and white stripes look all lined up like this.  I had to pipe on the white stars because I decided not to buy star sprinkles.  I was spending way too much money at the craft store and convinced myself that I didn’t need more sprinkles.  The stars came out okay, but white star sprinkles would have looked much better.  Hey, at least I saved myself some money!

Charlie Snacking on a Bow Cookie

My son, Charlie, was enjoying his late night snack!  I was taking cookie pics after his bedtime.  I’m not sure why he was up so late, but since he was I gave him a cookie to enjoy. I think he’s giving the cookie a thumbs up!

American Flag Bow Sugar Cookies

Happy 4th of July!  Hope it’s a sweet one!

7 thoughts on “Patriotic Bow Cookies {Happy Independence Day}

  1. These are adorable! I can totally relate to overspending at the craft store. It’s a dangerous place!

  2. You are so good and decorated cookies, you should sell them in the local stores. And about your son, if you keep feeding him cookies when he is up late, you will never get him to go to bed.

  3. these are beautiful and so so perfect. How do you do it! And from the looks of it they must taste good, judging from that smile.

  4. These are beautiful!! So creative and so nice to see something patriotic yet unique!! And the stars came out perfectly, good call on opting for that instead of sprinkles! 🙂

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