Party Hat Birthday Cake

Party Hat Birthday Cake

This was a fun birthday cake that I made for Itai’s 3rd birthday party.  The design was inspired by the Pink Cake Box.  This cake was so much fun to make!  I actually used a tear drop gum paste cutter that I found in my Wilton flower making kit.  It was so much easier to use a cutter than cutting out a million balloons by hand.  I used a clay extruder to make the black strings for the balloons on the bottom tier.  The party hat itself was made out of rice crispy treats.  Yum!

Party Hat Cake Close Up

This cake is so cute and fun!  It matched Itai’s party perfectly.  Happy 3rd Birthday!

8 thoughts on “Party Hat Birthday Cake

  1. I NEVER get over how creative you are with your cakes..I love everyone more than the next. Just when I thought I saw it all, I see something new you made. Unreal! I REALLY would love to speak with you!

  2. Wonderful. I love how you give extra height to your cake and a feeling of lightness with the balloons and that blue star (pompom?) on top.

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