Hummus Platter Cake

Hummus Platter Cake

For Moishy’s 31st birthday, he got a cake featuring his favorite foods!  The platter included a bowl of hummus, some slices of pita, a sliced avocado and some lemons.  This is my first themed food cake and was really fun to create!  The plate and the bowl are even edible. The whole platter is sitting atop an 8 inch cake that I covered in white fondant and airbrushed silver.

Fondant avocado, lemons, and pita

Here’s a closer look.  To make the plate, I rolled out a large piece of white gum paste.  (I like using gum paste because it hardens more than fondant, making it more sturdy for a cake like this).  I dusted one of my fancy dinner plates with tons of cornstarch, so the gum paste would release easily, and placed the gum paste on top.  Then I trimmed the gum paste to the same size as the plate and let that dry for a few days.  I did the same thing for the silver bowl.  I used one of my small serving bowls as a mold, flipped it over and dusted it with a whole bunch of cornstarch.  I then draped a thin piece of gum over the bowl, trimmed it down (so it wouldn’t be too deep) and left it to dry out for a few days.  Once dry, I airbrushed the bowl in silver.

Fondant AvocadosNow I wouldn’t recommend biting into one of these avocados; they are made completely out of fondant.  But they look pretty authentic!  I used some light green fondant and formed it into an avocado shape and then sliced it in half.  I scooped out a little circle for the pit to fit and I left it to dry cut side down for a few days.  Meanwhile I mixed some leaf green and black gel food color with vodka and pained it on the outside.  After a few days, I flipped the avocado, cut side up and worked on the inside.  I mixed some leaf green gel color with vodka and brushed it around the edges, trying to blend it lighter towards the center.  Then I formed a pit out of fondant and painted it with brown gel paste thinned with vodka.  I attached it with a little royal icing.

Lemon Slices Made of Fondant

I also made the lemons out of fondant.  I shaped two pieces of white fondant into lemon slice shape.  I scored the inside with a pointed gum paste tool, but you can also use a toothpick.  I also poked holes around the top to replicate the lemon peel.  To color the lemon I used lemon yellow gel color (how appropriate!) thinned with vodka and painted the peel and the sections, leaving some white spaces to replicate the pith.  To make it shine I brushed on a mixture of corn syrup and vodka.  It’s hard to tell in the picture, but the lemon is shiny!

Fondant Pita Chips

To make the pita chips, I tinted some ivory fondant and rolled it out thinly.  Then I folded it in half (making sure to dust it with confectioners sugar or cornstarch so it wouldn’t stick together) and cut out a “v” shape starting at the folded edge.  Then I crumpled the top of the pita wedge to make it look baked and puffy.  Once they were allowed to dry for a few days, I airbrushed the pita slices with some brown and orange airbrush color.  The pita is my favorite part-don’t tell the rest of the cake!

Frosting Hummus

The hummus was the easiest part of the cake.  I tinted some thick frosting with ivory gel paste and piped it into the bowl.  The I sprinkled some paprika on top (what…it’s edible!) and cut some green fondant to look like parsley.  Once everything was arranged on the plate, the cake really came together.  This cake took a lot of preparation, but I couldn’t be happier with the results!

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  1. This looks absolutely fantastic, and so realistic!! I love how you include so many steps and clarifications, a behind the stage look at how you create these beautiful cakes!!

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