Draped Pearl Cake

Draped Pearl CakeI love this cake.  I loved it so much that I wanted to keep it for myself.  I was asked to make a small pretty cake with flowers and this is what I created.  The inside of the cake is chocolate cake with cookies and cream filling.

Draped Fondant Pearls

I covered the cake in white fondant.  Then I draped different size fondant pearl strands around the cake.  To make the pearls, I use a silicone mold with three sizes pearl options.  I dust the mold with powdered sugar and press a thin rope of fondant into the mold.  Then I spread the mold open and pop out the strand of pearls.  I use some water to attach the pearls to the cake.

Pink and Gold Gum Paste Flowers

I made three fondant bows to top off the strands of pearls.  I filled in the center of the cake with these beautiful pink flowers that I bought (don’t tell anyone that I cheated!)  I bought these flowers a while ago and I though this was a perfect time to use them.  They came in pink but they look kind of flat so I airbrushed the edges in shimmery gold.  I really think the gold detail brings the store bought flowers to life.  Finally, I airbrushed the whole cake in shimmery pearl color to give it some glitz and glam!

  • this cake is so pretty!

  • This cake is gorgeous! Love it!

  • Elegant and classic! Beautiful work!

  • just stunning!!

  • This cake makes me want to get married again and have a wedding. In “my day” wedding cakes were white and had plastic bride and groom on top. This would be a stunning cake for a wedding.

  • Very elegant!

  • this is just so so pretty!

  • I want that cake. It’s so stunning. Bring that to any party and it will be the centerpiece!

  • Sina @ the kosher spoon

    I love the flowers on top. So pretty and delicate

  • This cake is so beautiful! I love the drape of the pearls.

  • this is crazy gorgeous — I love the airbrushing – gold and glitz and glam really takes it from being flat (pretty but flat) to WOW!

  • This cake is incredible!!! I’m gonna have to come over for a cake decorating lesson 🙂

  • Beautiful and classy!

  • This is so gorgeous I can’t stop staring at it!

  • Ruafso

    can i order this cake?

  • love! so classy!