Dora and Diego Birthday Cake

Dora and Diego Cake

I made this cake for my niece Abby and her cousin Aaron.  They turned 2 years old and shared a party.  They were born a few weeks apart and love Dora and Diego.  The characters were made out of fondant and outlined in black using my Americolor food coloring markers.

Dora made out of fondant

Each figure took 3 hours to make.  They were really time consuming, but I couldn’t be happier with the results!  They look so much like the actual characters and that is hard to achieve.Diego made out of fondant

My favorite part of the cake is the stars.  They are so cute and have so much personality!

Dora the Explorer fondant stars

I piped the eyes onto the stars using royal icing and I drew the black centers on with my food coloring marker.  I found a piping tip that I had that made the perfect mouth shape.  I just pressed it in slightly to imprint the tiny smiles on each star.  They were left to dry on metal floral wire and then twisted around a wooden dowel.  Cuteness!

Purple and Blue Airbrushed Cake

I even love how the back of the cake looks!  Here you can really see all the details.  I airbrushed the bottom tier blue and the top tier purple trying to achieve a faded effect. Each blade of grass was cut individually and imprinted using a silicone leaf impression mold.  Happy 2nd Birthday Abby and Aaron!

6 thoughts on “Dora and Diego Birthday Cake

  1. Good job!
    2 questions pls
    U sais that characters r made with fondant how many days before we have to do it to let It dry??
    Y also said that u outlined with black marker but what about the Colors ? Do u shape the character with white fondant and then paint with a brush?? Or do u use another technic?
    Thank You !!!

    1. I will try to explain! First I print a picture of the character on regular printer paper. Then I cut the character out, roll out a piece of white fondant or gum paste and trace out the shape. Then I will start from he shoes, cut out the shoes from the print out and trace it onto the proper color of fondant. Then I “glue” it to the character cutout. Once I have done each color I use an edible food color marker to trace it. I like to let them dry for at least a day. Hope that helps!

  2. Love love love the stars on this cake! I am planning a Dora party for my daughter’s 2nd birthday party and these stars would look great on her cake 🙂

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